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Empowering Organizations with Hybrid Cloud Application Delivery

Thinfinity adeptly handles the delivery of desktop, web-based, and even legacy screen-based applications to any device. Our comprehensive solution seamlessly integrates with various infrastructures, including on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud systems.


Desktop & Client Server Apps

Deliver Applications Across Any Device

With Thinfinity RemoteApp and VirtualUI, your business can extend Windows and legacy desktop applications to any web browser. This capability empowers you to offer seamless application experiences across various devices, breaking down compatibility barriers.

Comprehensive Peripheral Support

Addressing common challenges in application virtualization, Thinfinity provides robust solutions for USB redirection, printing, and scanning, allowing users to access and use local peripherals during remote sessions effortlessly.

Seamless Printing and Scanning

Users can effortlessly print and scan documents from their remote sessions, with Thinfinity ensuring that these tasks are as straightforward as they would be with locally-run applications, thus maintaining workflow continuity.

Optimized for Diverse IT Environments

Thinfinity VNC App extends the flexibility of Thinfinity solutions to Linux-based and RDP-restricted environments, ensuring that enterprises and ISVs can deploy a wide range of applications in a secure, isolated, and scalable manner, regardless of the underlying IT infrastructure.


Web Apps

Browser-Based Connectivity

Thinfinity's Web application Gateway (WAG) enables users to connect to web applications through their browser without needing dedicated VPN software, simplifying access and reducing IT team support requirements.

Seamless Integration with Cloud and On-Premise Applications

Thinfinity supports traditional on-premise applications and cloud-based SaaS applications, ensuring versatile integration and secure access across diverse IT environments.

Customized Access Control

It offers tailored access control, allowing IT teams to grant user permissions on an application-by-application basis, enhancing security and user management.

Global Network Security

Leveraging a global network, Thinfinity provides robust security for both on-premise and cloud applications, ensuring protected access to internal applications without traditional VPN constraints.

User-Friendly Interface

With its user-friendly interface, Thinfinity facilitates easy navigation and interaction for end-users, enhancing the overall user experience and productivity in accessing web applications.

Business Owners

Terminal Based Apps

Web Browser Access for Legacy Applications

Thinfinity enables enterprises to access traditional green screen applications from any web browser, alongside more modern applications, ensuring seamless and secure integration into their digital workspace.

Robust Multi-Session Management

Thinfinity supports robust multi-session management for terminal emulation, such as TN3270, TN5250, and VT. This feature allows enterprises and mid-sized businesses to handle multiple terminal sessions simultaneously, facilitating efficient access to mainframe and AS400 systems.

Customizable Interface for Enhanced Usability

The platform offers a customizable user interface, including a virtual keyboard tailored for terminal emulation. This adaptability is crucial for businesses that rely on specialized terminal operations, ensuring a user-friendly experience for complex terminal systems.

Optimized Display with Screen Reformatting

Thinfinity enables users to customize terminal displays, enhancing readability and efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for legacy systems, where optimizing screen layouts can significantly improve user interaction and productivity.

Advanced Scripting for Automation

Incorporating advanced scripting capabilities, Thinfinity allows automation within terminal emulation sessions. This feature streamlines processes, reduces manual intervention, and enhances efficiency in interacting with TN3270, TN5250, and VT systems.

Streamlined application delivery

User-Centric Features for Enhanced Experience

Seamless Printing and Scanning

Thinfinity facilitates easy printing and scanning from remote applications to local printers and scanners. This integration ensures users can effortlessly manage their documents, enhancing productivity.

Effortless File Transfer

With Thinfinity, transferring files between local and remote environments becomes intuitive. Users can securely move files back and forth, ensuring they have the necessary documents at their fingertips.

Peripheral Integration

Peripheral devices, including specialized equipment, are easily integrated into the Thinfinity environment, providing users with a familiar and efficient working setup.

High-Quality Audio and Video Support

Thinfinity ensures high-quality audio and video streaming, crucial for multimedia applications and collaborative tools. This feature enhances user engagement and communication in remote settings.

Dynamic Resource Scalability

Thinfinity intelligently adapts resources based on user activity and demand. This adaptive approach ensures optimal performance and user experience without manual intervention.

Advanced Automation and Integration

The API-driven architecture of Thinfinity allows for the integration of additional tools, services, and workflows. This feature enables automation that supports and streamlines the application delivery environment.

Next-Gen Application Delivery for Diverse Business Environments



Seamless Cross-Platform Application Access

Utilize Thinfinity's advanced application delivery technology to enable seamless access to Windows, web and terminal based applications from any device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones empowering hybrid work and BYOD initiatives.

Cost-Effective Infrastructure

By delivering applications via Thinfinity, enterprises can significantly reduce the costs associated with traditional software deployment and maintenance. This web-based delivery model eliminates the need for costly client-side installations and upgrades, leading to lower IT workload and infrastructure expenses.

Streamlined IT Management

By using Thinfinity for application delivery, businesses can notably cut down costs linked to standard software deployment and upkeep. The web-based delivery model removes the necessity for expensive client-side installations and updates, thus reducing IT workload and infrastructure costs.

Flexible and Scalable Solution

Thinfinity's scalable architecture adapts to your enterprise's changing needs, supporting diverse deployment scenarios from small teams to large, multi-tenant environments. Integration with cloud services and on-premises servers offers scalability for business growth.

Customizable User Experience

Thinfinity offers a tailored user experience, allowing enterprises to brand and customize the application access portal. This feature not only enhances the corporate identity but also provides a familiar and user-friendly interface for all users, improving their engagement and satisfaction.


Managed Service Providers


Efficient Multi-Tenant Management

Thinfinity's architecture is perfectly suited for MSPs, offering streamlined management of multiple clients within a single framework. This multi-tenant capability allows MSPs to efficiently manage resources, permissions, and access for different clients, ensuring customized service delivery while maintaining operational simplicity.

Scalable Infrastructure Adaptability

MSPs can leverage Thinfinity's scalable infrastructure to meet the varying demands of their client base. Whether servicing small businesses or large enterprises, Thinfinity adapts to different scales, providing a robust solution for application delivery without the need for extensive reconfiguration or resource allocation.

Enhanced Security for Client Data

Security is paramount for MSPs handling sensitive client data. Thinfinity's application delivery system employs strong encryption, Zero Trust Network Access, and compliance with various security standards. This comprehensive security approach ensures that MSPs can confidently offer services while safeguarding their clients' data integrity and privacy.

Cost-Effective and Reduced Overhead

By using Thinfinity, MSPs can offer a cost-effective application delivery solution to their clients. This reduces the need for expensive hardware investments and lowers overall IT infrastructure costs. MSPs can pass these savings onto their clients, making their services more attractive and competitive.

Remote and Hybrid Work Enablement

With the increasing demand for remote and hybrid work solutions, MSPs can use Thinfinity to provide clients with flexible, secure access to applications from any location and device. This capability is particularly appealing to clients seeking to modernize their work environments and support a distributed workforce.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Thinfinity's ability to integrate smoothly with a variety of systems, including cloud services and on-premises infrastructure, makes it an ideal choice for MSPs. This flexibility ensures that MSPs can easily incorporate Thinfinity into their clients' existing IT environments without major disruptions.


Independent Software Vendors


Seamless Transition to SaaS

Thinfinity enables ISVs to transform Windows applications into scalable, web-based SaaS solutions with minimal or no recoding, quickly adapting traditional software to a modern SaaS model.

Rapid Market Deployment

Thinfinity allows ISVs to web-enable their applications in under a week, rapidly facilitating their entry into the SaaS market, essential for competitive positioning and market opportunity capitalization.

Scalable and Hybrid-Ready Infrastructure

Thinfinity offers a cloud portal with hybrid integration and multi-tenant support, ensuring secure, efficient application hosting with automated scaling and provisioning for flexible deployment and cost efficiency.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Control

Thinfinity offers detailed resource usage monitoring, session recording, and comprehensive analytics. These features enable ISVs to have complete oversight and control over their SaaS users, enhancing both security and user experience.

Automated Trial Provisioning

ISVs can automate the provisioning of software trials in the cloud, modernizing their sales process. This capability allows for a scalable, flexible approach to offering trials, reducing IT burden, and improving time-to-value for customers.

Future-Proofing with JSRO

Thinfinity's JavaScript Remote Objects (JSRO) technology enhances interactivity and user experience, ensuring that applications remain relevant and adaptable in the long term. This technology reduces server load and bandwidth usage, offering a native-like user experience on web and mobile.

Improve your application delivery strategy and reduce cost

Reduced Infrastructure Expenses
Experience significant cost savings with Thinfinity’s application delivery solution, cutting down infrastructure expenses by up to 78%. This reduction leads to substantial financial benefits, making your application delivery both efficient and cost-effective.

Dynamic Scaling for Business Needs
Adapt swiftly to evolving business requirements with Thinfinity’s scalable application delivery. Easily expand or reduce capacity as needed, ensuring your infrastructure remains agile and responsive without sacrificing performance.

Streamlined IT Processes
Simplify the management of your application delivery environment with Thinfinity’s user-friendly management tools. These intuitive processes reduce complexity, allowing for more effective control and oversight of your application infrastructure.

Efficient Deployment and Stable Operations
Decrease maintenance and troubleshooting efforts by up to 70% with Thinfinity’s reliable and swift deployment capabilities. This efficiency ensures a rapid implementation process and maintains a stable, consistent application delivery infrastructure.


Use Cases

Empowering Remote Workforces

Empowering Remote Workforces

Thinfinity can revolutionize remote work by offering easy access to vital tools and applications from any location, helping distributed teams maintain high levels of productivity.

Legacy Applications Reimagined

Legacy Applications Reimagined

Through Thinfinity, companies have the opportunity to transform outdated legacy applications into modern SaaS platforms, streamlining their functionality without extensive redevelopment.

Enhanced Security for Web Applications

Enhanced Security for Web Applications

The use of Thinfinity’s cloud tunnel technology allows organizations to manage their web and intranet applications more securely, ensuring data protection with advanced encryption.

Centralized Business Application Management

Centralized Business Application Management

Thinfinity streamlines the integration of key business applications like CRM, ERP, and accounting software. By centralizing these tools in a multi-cloud environment, it enables secure, location-independent access, improving workflow efficiency and coordination across departments.

Remote SCADA System Management

Remote SCADA System Management

Thinfinity enables secure, remote access to SCADA systems, allowing real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes from any location, thus enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Web-Enabled POS Systems in Retail

Web-Enabled POS Systems in Retail

Making Point of Sale (POS) systems web-available transforms retail management. It offers the advantage of tracking inventory and monitoring sales from any web-enabled device. This approach facilitates instant updates and efficient problem-solving, ensuring seamless store operations and enhancing customer service experiences.

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