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Deliver your applications to any device
with Thinfinity Workspace

Transform individual applications from locally installed products into centrally managed services.
Improve efficiency by enabling anywhere access to mission-critical apps via the web.

Publish any application

  • Deliver your Windows, intranet web, or terminal-based application through any web browser.
  • Ensure remote and in-office workers have secure anywhere access to web and desktop apps they need to stay productive.
  • Thinfinity Workspace does not require any extra software.
Sample for application delivery through a
2fa fully compatible for secure software delivery

Secure software delivery

  • Authenticate users with Windows or Azure AD.
  • Use oauth2 to set a Single-Sign-On (SSO) scheme.
  • Compatible with any 2FA provider in the market.
  • Supports TLS 1.3 for end-to-end encryption.
  • Establish reverse connections, removing the need for open ports.

Cloud native

  • Secure web and desktop app virtualization in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.
  • Reduce operational complexity and empower network teams with a single point of control.
  • Scale up and down according to your project needs.
Web and desktop application virtualization

Thinfinity Workspace is trusted by:

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Linde Group - Thinfinity Partners
Mistras - Thinfinity Partners

Application virtualization with zero coding requirements

Thinfinity Workspace requires no changes to the application’s source code, providing all the tools you need to transform your business by ensuring the most seamless application experience.

App delivery has never been easier, whether you are a developer looking to webify your desktop software, or a company that needs mission-critical apps available to its users through a web browser.

Intranet web apps and portals (Web VPN)

Why is Thinfinity Workspace the ideal solution for all applications?

ERP application virtualization - Thinfintiy


Take your complex, multi-module ERP application to the web. Provides access to all Bolt-on apps from a unified navigation bar. Removes the need to share a full desktop experience.

Point of sales (POS) - Cybele Software


Transform your locally installed POS application into a centrally managed service. Printing and scan support gives you all the tools you need to empower your POS system.

SCADA application


Improve efficiency by delivering a low-latency, high frame rate connection. Provides utmost reliability for mission-critical applications. Allows you to grow o decrease your infrastructure setup based on your business needs.
Performance and savings - Thinfinity Features


Eliminate the need for lite web-based versions. Virtualizes any licensed software application, dramatically reducing costs. Creates network-shared directories through Web Folders allowing for easy and secure file management. Supports audio redirection, ideal for Softphone or VoIP software solutions.


Accounting Application Virtualization - Thinfinity

Accounting & Administration

Enable app virtualization for legacy software. Proven to improve remote work and IT maintenance management. Grants secure access to documents and files from outside a private network.

3D Desing Application Virtualization - Thinfinity

Design (CAD, 3D)

Use your full cloud GPU power to provide the fastest and most seamless performance to the end-user. Improves remote image quality by rendering HD-video streaming with H264 codec support. Certifies strong availability and fault tolerance with its load balancing capabilities.

The simplest cloud solution to deliver applications to a web browser

  • Deliver your applications hosted on any machine in your network using our cloud tunnel.
  • No need to create a web server or modify any firewall rules.
  • Simple user administration. 
  • SSO experience.
  • Local or Azure AD integrated.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - Online Deployment

Host your virtualized application on your on the datacenter or public cloud

  • Host your applications on any private or public cloud.
  • Integrated, secure, and scalable digital workspace solution at the lowest TCO in the market.
  • Works seamlessly with existing infrastructure models and identity providers.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - On Premises Deployment

Deliver your applications by combining cloud and on-premise resources.

  • Grow computing solutions that evolve together with your business needs.
  • Preserve existing investments in legacy infrastructure.
  • Deliver reliable and consistent access to your application with our cloud gateway architecture.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - Hybrid Deployment

Turnkey solution. Avoid deployment headaches. We host and manage it for you.

  • Provide a fully-fledged and modern application delivery infrastructure with practically zero effort.
  • Turnkey solution that includes the setup and management of cloud-based infrastructure, developer environments, and specialized software.
  • Centralize users, applications, and data for better security, compliance, and IT efficiency.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - Fully Hosted Deployment

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