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Advanced Zero Trust Remote Access Solutions

  • Clientless ZTNA
  • Application Virtualization
  • VDI and Cloud VDI
  • Privileged access management (PAM)

At the Forefront of
Hybrid Cloud Technology and Security

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Enhance organizational security with our Clientless Zero Trust Network Access solution. Safeguard your VDI, applications, and files with our ZTNA framework, providing granular access controls and multi-factor authentication. Strengthen web application security with our reverse cloud tunnel technology, securing access and reducing internet exposure risks.

ZTNA 2023
CDI 2023

VDI and Cloud VDI

Optimize your organization’s virtual desktop strategy with our flexible VDI and Cloud VDI solutions. Our cloud-agnostic services merge on-premises and cloud resources into one accessible interface, providing resource flexibility without VPNs. Tailored to your needs, our solution offers a secure, efficient desktop environment, uniting traditional and modern infrastructure.

Legacy Application Delivery and Modernization

Transform your business’ application infrastructure with our Legacy Application Delivery and Modernization solutions. Our software is crafted to convert legacy Windows and terminal applications into web-accessible formats, ensuring seamless integration with web ecosystems. This upgrade modernizes your software environment and elevates operational efficiency.

legacy app 2023
pam 2023

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Strengthen your organization’s security with our advanced Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Designed to protect sensitive resources, it provides detailed access rights, comprehensive session monitoring, and proactive threat detection in a simplified management framework. This approach ensures robust security for your organization’s critical assets, enhancing your overall security posture.

Comprehensive Network Access Solutions for your
Multi-Cloud Business



Zero trust hybrid cloud transition

Leverage Thinfinity's advanced VDI solutions for a smooth migration of your desktop infrastructure to the cloud, incorporating ZTNA and PAM for enhanced security and functionality.

Cost-Saving and Operational Efficiency

Adopt Thinfinity's cloud VDI solution to significantly reduce IT workload and infrastructure expenses, offering a reliable and economical alternative.

Secure BYOD and Remote Work Strategy

Facilitate a secure Bring Your Own Device policy with Thinfinity, ensuring a seamless and protected transition for your workforce to remote operations.

Robust Security for Remote Operations

Maintain stringent security standards in your remote work setup with Thinfinity's comprehensive security protocols, keeping your organization's data safe.

Optimized Cloud VDI Infrastructure

Choose Thinfinity for an effective, secure, and cost-efficient cloud VDI infrastructure, perfect for replacing or supplementing your current setup.

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers


Enhance Your Portfolio with Cutting-Edge Zero Trust Solutions

Offer advanced VDI, ZTNA, and PAM solutions to your clients with Thinfinity Workspace. Streamline their infrastructure without heavy investments.

Client-Centric Sales Boost

Elevate client satisfaction and retention by providing customized Virtual Desktop solutions, tailored to their unique needs.

Brand Your Cloud Offering

Utilize Thinfinity Workspace's white label capabilities, presenting this powerful cloud service as your own branded solution.

Hybrid Deployment Flexibility

Facilitate your clients' transition to hybrid models, combining on-premise and cloud solutions with Thinfinity's versatile, secure, and efficient infrastructure.


Independent Software Vendors


Affordable Cloud Transition

Looking for a cost-effective cloud version of your on-premise software without the need for deep IT expertise? Thinfinity DaaS, powered by IONOS, has you covered.

Maximize Recurring Revenue

Offering a fast, reliable, and secure SaaS solution enables your applications to reach their full potential, thereby increasing recurring revenue streams for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Blazing Fast SaaS Version

Easily provide a high-speed SaaS version of your on-premise application without requiring specialized IT skills.

Revenue and Margin Growth

Significantly boost your recurring revenue and profit margins by migrating ISV applications to a SaaS model.

Enhanced Stability and Cybersecurity

Improve the overall stability and cybersecurity posture of your ISV software by transitioning to a SaaS solution.


Business Owners

Remote Work Enablement

Interested in empowering your employees to work remotely without sacrificing security? Thinfinity DaaS, powered by IONOS, provides a secure and efficient solution.

Value Addition

Implementing a thriving remote work environment not only adds value to your business but also enhances employee satisfaction.

Improve Productivity

Transitioning to our cloud VDI solution can significantly boost productivity by providing a seamless and efficient work environment.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your security posture by moving to a cloud VDI, ensuring that your remote workforce operates within a secure framework.

Cost-Effective IT

Reduce your IT expenses by eliminating the need for on-premise infrastructure and maintenance, thanks to our cloud-based VDI solution.

Deployment Options

2023 - Cybele Software - Deployment-Architecture - 2.5- ON PREMISES

Fully featured and self-managed.
The entire solution resides in your infrastructure.

  • Host Thinfinity on existing on-premises servers or in a private cloud.
  • Integrated, secure, and scalable digital workspace solution at the lowest TCO in the market.
  • Works seamlessly with existing infrastructure models and identity providers.
2023 - Cybele Software - Deployment-Architecture - 2.5 - HYBRID

A digital workspace that combines any public cloud and on-premises resources.

  • Grow computing solutions that evolve together with your business needs.
  • Preserve existing investments in legacy infrastructure.
  • Adaptable and flexible deployments.
2023 - Cybele Software - Deployment-Architecture - 2.5 - CLOUD

Deliver secure digital workspaces from any cloud.

  • Designed to work seamlessly with any cloud or multi- cloud infrastructure.
  • Enhanced security by leveraging the security features of cloud infrastructure providers, Thinfinity Workspace cloud deployments are more secure against cyber threats.
  • Perfect fit for today’s high-paced environments.
2023 - Cybele Software - Deployment-Architecture - 2.5- FULLY HOSTED

Turnkey solution.
Avoid infrastructure costs and deployment headaches.

  • Provide a fully-fledged digital workspace with practically zero effort.
  • Turnkey solution that includes the setup and management of cloud-based infrastructure, developer environments, and office productivity software.
  • Centralize users, applications, and data for better security, compliance, and IT efficiency.

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