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Scheduled remote access
to your campus computers

Remote Desktop software for Education

Enable secure, fast, and efficient remote access to campus or cloud
computers from PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and mobile devices.

The simplest way to reserve online classes and events

With Thinfinity Workspace, teachers can schedule complete classrooms for their lessons. Students can schedule individual devices for learning and practicing purposes. Your devices will only be available to use during the set time. Check computer availability from a built-in calendar view.

IT admins can easily define roles and permissions for each lab computer on campus. Enable simultaneous scheduling per computer based on available hardware resources, combining on-premise and cloud machines in a single virtual classroom.

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Schedule a lab computer in a few steps

  • Enable scheduling on dedicated lab computers
  • Assign roles and permissions to teachers and students.
  • Students and teachers create schedulings based on date, time, and recurrence.
  • The student is disconnected once the session ends, and the computer becomes available for the next scheduled session.

Thinfinity is an integral solution for remote education

Thinfinity Workspace enables remote access to ALL apps, desktops, and files. Its easy-to-use scheduling feature allows faculty and students to schedule devices with specialized software during a set time. 

  • Your campus or cloud infrastructure is available from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 
  • Provides the tools you need to organize and manage remote access to virtual classrooms. 
  • The most secure and easy-to-configure alternative for educational organizations.
  • Ideal for IT teams who need to manage remote access to virtual machines and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) all from one application.
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Cybele Software - Solutions - Education - API

Rest API: Connect your booking app

With Rest API you can integrate a custom or pre-existing calendar application. This is particularly useful for educational organizations with a calendar system looking to integrate this functionality into their application.

The simplest cloud solution for educational organizations

  • Out-of-the-box solution for remote access to your campus computers.
  • A perfect fit for small to midsize schools and universities. 
  • Deliver specialized software apps with just a few easy steps. 
  • Simple to manage and easy to use. 
  • Includes On-demand license upgrade.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - Online Deployment

Fully featured and self-managed. The entire solution resides in your existing campus or cloud architectures.

  • Host Thinfinity on existing on-premise or cloud servers.
  • Integrated, secure, and scalable solution.
  • Works seamlessly with existing infrastructure models and identity providers.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - On Premises Deployment

Combine your existing on-premise campus architecture with our cloud solutions.

  • Part of the solution resides on our cloud infrastructure.
  • Provide access to your campus architecture or any cloud provider through a unified portal. No need for pesky VPN solutions.
  • No need for extra investments in your campus infrastructure.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - Hybrid Deployment

Turnkey solution. Avoid deployment headaches. We host and manage it for you.

  • Provide a fully-fledged digital classroom with practically zero effort.
  • Turnkey solution that includes the setup and management of virtual computer labs.
  • Guaranteed stellar performance based on your campus needs. 
  • Powerful cloud machines for GPU-intensive application purposes.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace - Fully Hosted Deployment

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