High-Performance Clientless
User experience on any device


Effortless Access to Virtual Desktops and Applications Anywhere, Anytime

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Imagine a world where accessing your virtual apps and desktops feels as natural as checking your email. With Thinfinity, that world is within reach. We deliver a frictionless user experience that empowers your users to work seamlessly across any device, from a desktop computer to a smartphone or tablet. Thinfinity adapts to your user’s needs and workload.  Our intuitive interface automatically adjusts based on the device being used to ensure a smooth experience, regardless of screen size.  Whether your users are crunching numbers in a spreadsheet, editing complex graphics, or participating in video calls, Thinfinity delivers a fluent experience.

Here's what sets Thinfinity apart:


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No more complex VPN configurations or juggling multiple credentials. Clientless ZTNA technology streamlines access with secure single sign-on, allowing you to connect to your virtual workspace in seconds.



Leveraging high-performance streaming, Thinfinity delivers access to your virtual apps and desktops with zero lag or stutter, keeping you productive even with demanding tasks like video editing or complex data analysis. No matter your device, the experience is smooth and seamless.

Cloud agnostic and
Always Available


Experience uninterrupted access to your virtual workspace. Thinfinity is designed to delivery Virtual Desktops and Virtual Apps from any cloud or multi cloud with high availability, so your workers can stay productive no matter their geographical location or network conditions

Stop struggling with remote access limitations

Explore Thinfinity Clientless ZTNA Solutions

Zero Trust Application Delivery

Deliver applications to any device with Zero-Trust security

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Thinfinity Virtual Desktops

Deploy cloud-based virtual desktops for your employees, contractors, students or clients

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Citrix Alternative

Simplify application delivery and reduce Cost by up to 50% compared to your current virtual provider

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Thinfinity Workspace

Discover a better way to meet the needs of your hybrid workforce

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VDI Manager

Unleash Seamless Virtual Desktop Deployment Across Multi-Cloud Environments

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