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Web Terminal Emulator

Access multiple host-based applications from any web browser and deliver legacy integration and modernization by using cuttin-edge web technologies.


IBM® z Series - Mainframe
IBM® z Series - Mainframe

Access IBM z Series mainframe applications via a pure web terminal emulation using the TN3270E protocol. This connection leverages SSL tunneling with TLS 1.3 encryption, providing secure and reliable access. Unique features include support for large numbers of emulated 3270 terminals and robust integration with modern security frameworks such as SAF-based authentication, ensuring comprehensive protection and compliance​.

IBM® i Series - AS-400
IBM® i Series

Access IBM i Series applications using a web browser with TN5250 emulation. Enjoy secure connections encapsulated in an SSL tunnel with TLS 1.3 encryption. This setup offers seamless integration with IBM’s Digital Certificate Manager for easy certificate management and supports multiple EBCDIC code pages for international compatibility, ensuring secure and efficient AS/400 management​.

UNIX, VT and SSH terminals
UNIX, VT and
SSH terminals

Access UNIX and DEC consoles through a web browser. This terminal emulation supports VT100, VT220, VT320, and SSH protocols, all within an SSL tunnel and protected by TLS 1.3 encryption. Unique characteristics include support for diverse terminal types, ensuring compatibility across various UNIX systems and providing secure remote access for efficient system management​.






Access any host from any device

Pure HTML5 terminal emulation

The most innovative and secure web terminal emulator for IBM mainframes, Series, and UNIX.
z/Scope Anywhere enables host access from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks! Your IT admin (and your users) will love it:

  • Scalable and Secure
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • SSL / TLS 1.3 encryption
  • SSL / TLS connections to any compliant FTP
  • Printing emulation
  • Macro recording on the end user side

Competitive advantages

Secure and

Cost efficient

z/Scope Anywhere provides a secure and cost-efficient way to access terminal-based applications from the PC, Mac, chromebooks or mobile devices.

HLLAPI.js and HostSurfer.js

HostSurfer integration

Integrate and evolve your host system with HLLAPI.js and HostSurfer.js.
Create web apps, widgets and supercharged macros using cutting-edge web technologies.

Enhanced Web UX

enhanced UX

Build an enhanced Web UX with the technology of your choice.
z/Scope Web Terminal Emulator gets along well with the latest web technologies like Angular, React, Vue.js, etc.

How do I get started?

  • Get introduced to z/Scope Anywhere main features and check how they work.
  • Check out the technical requirements and compatibility.
  • Ask for a custom product demonstration with our specialists.
  • Get started and modernize your legacy applications within a few minutes!

Our license and plans structure covers different scenarios, giving you the flexibility to choose what is most suitable for your particular business.

how do i get started

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