z/Scope Anywhere
main features

z/Scope Anywhere web Terminal Emulation provides a cost-effective alternative to your legacy terminal emulator. Our solution includes a native HTML5 terminal emulator, with zero client setup, flexible licensing to meet the needs of a modern and growing workforce, comprehensive security, modernization tools and significantly reduced total cost of ownership.
Secure web terminal emulator

Secure web terminal emulator

Secure web terminal emulator

Take the security of your project to the next level by adding Two Factor or multi-factor authentication with any of the most popular providers on the market. z/Scope Anywhere is compatible with OKTA, DUO or GOOGLE.

Terminal emulation icon

Terminal emulation

Support for ANSI, VT52, VT100-VT420, TN3270E and TN5250E.

Integrated printer emulation icon

Integrated printer emulation

TN3287 and TN3812 emulation are supported.

browser based icon

Browser based

Access your Mainframe, AS400 or Unix from any modern internet browser.

File transfer icon

File transfer

Integrated FTP client, IND$FILE, KERMIT, X/Y/Z-MODEM transfer, with queue management.

multi session icon blue


Open all the sessions you need and display them in a grid or separately.

Security icon


SSL/TSL and SSH 1/2 support.

Customizable styling

Customizable styling

Select your preferred screen style and apply the font family that you like to set the most comfortable emulation for you. Compatible with Google Fonts.

Customizable styling
users profile icon

Users profile

Define and use shared and private User Profiles, combining authenticated and anonymous access, if necessary.

Control panel icon

Control panel

Admin Control Panel and Connection Statistics.

User friendly interaction icon

User friendly interaction

Get a friendly and fast session edition with hotspots, keypads and auto-suggestion options.

Web-enabled Terminal Emulation icon


Standalone and Server versions are available.

Customizable macros icon

Customizable macros

Save, use and manage customizable macros.

Load balancing icon

Load balancing

Our workload balancing architecture ensures optimal resource allocation that will maintain full functionality.

Integration tool

Integration tool

Integration tool

Integrate and evolve your host system with HLLAPI.js and HostSurfer.js to create web apps, widgets and supercharged macros using cutting-edge web technologies.