z/Scope Anywhere


Our web-based secure Terminal Emulator client solution is based on a 3-tier architecture composed of the Browser, the Server and the Host.

The z/Scope Anywhere Server is a secure, high-performance HTTP / WebSockets server, which serves the web pages needed to run the z/Scope Anywhere Web Client on any HTML5-capable browser.

Relaying on the HTML5 technology, z/Scope Anywhere does not require any plugin to run. This simplifies the end-user access with a solid, but easy-to-adopt clientless solution. The 128-bit encryption provided allows users to securely access remote hosts over any network, and safely transfer files between systems.

zScope Anywhere Architecture Web Terminal Emulator
Scaling and Load Balancing

The following scheme shows z/Scope Anywhere running in a Load Balancing scenario.

zScope Anywhere Load Balancing Web Terminal Emulator

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