Cybele Software

Developers First...

Created with developers in mind, Thinfinity VirtualUI provides scalable, robust, flexible integrations, allowing you to get up and running quickly.

Just a single line of code...

By adding a single line of code to any of your existing software, you will be enabling dual-platform functionality. It really is that simple. Releasing a Windows application to the web has never been so easy.

Environment & Languages

Integrating with any language supporting Win32, GDI/GDI+ API and ActiveX/COM, Thinfinity VirtualUI redirects Windows calls and drawing commands to the remote HTML5 canvas.

Up and running in minutes.

Have your Windows software up & running in your browser literally within minutes. All HTML5 browsers are covered, so whether it’s Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Google chrome or Safari, you’re ready to go.

Thinfinity VirtualUI












Any device. Anywhere.

With Thinfinity VirtualUI compromise is a thing of the past. We know your users are unique, and that you require content that operates across all devices. Be it mobile, laptop, or desktop. Windows or Mac. iOS or Android. We’ve got you covered.

Expand your customer base.

If you sell your software, you now will be able to sell your product to new customers or sell more licenses to the current ones. Also, you may rent your product by providing your software-as-a-service (SaaS) on the cloud.

Super Scalable

Reduce IT spending.

Thinfinity VirtualUI provides a reduction in IT work and admin tasks, all of which can prove costly. Lower IT expenditure means more money in your pocket.

How do I get started?

  • Get introduced to VirtualUI’s main features and check how they work
  • Check out the technical requirements and compatibility
  • Download VirtualUI from our website
  • Get started and move your windows apps within few minutes!