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Deploy cloud-based virtual desktops for your employees, contractors, students or clients. No technical expertise required.


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The Ultimate Virtual Desktop Experience, Simplified for Businesses

Thinfinity Virtual Desktops, powered by IONOS Cloud, is ideal for businesses seeking a streamlined, robust, and scalable virtual desktop solution.


Managed Service Providers


Expand Your Portfolio with White-Labeled Virtual Desktops

Leverage the high-end VDI capabilities of Thinfinity Virtual Desktops, powered by IONOS, to offer unparalleled virtual desktop solutions without the hassle of building your own infrastructure.

Boost Sales and Retention

Provide a personalized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to meet the unique needs of your clients, enhancing customer loyalty and driving sales.

What is a White Label Cloud Service?

A cloud computing offering that enables customization and branding with your company's name and logo, allowing you to present the service as your own.

Cost-Effective Transition

Move away from the financial and operational burdens of owning and maintaining on-premise solutions, and shift towards cost-effective, off-site SaaS alternatives.


Independent Software Vendors


Affordable Cloud Transition

Looking for a cost-effective cloud version of your on-premise software without the need for deep IT expertise? Thinfinity Virtual Desktops, powered by IONOS, has you covered.

Maximize Recurring Revenue

Offering a fast, reliable, and secure SaaS solution enables your applications to reach their full potential, thereby increasing recurring revenue streams for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Blazing Fast SaaS Version

Easily provide a high-speed SaaS version of your on-premise application without requiring specialized IT skills.

Enhanced Stability and Cybersecurity

Improve the overall stability and cybersecurity posture of your ISV software by transitioning to a SaaS solution.


IT Managers

VDI Cloud Migration

Considering a VDI provider to transition your desktop infrastructure to the cloud? Thinfinity Virtual Desktops, powered by IONOS, offers a seamless migration or complement to your existing VDI.

BYOD and Work From Home

Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model allows for a smooth transition for your remote workforce without compromising security.

Maintain High Security

Enable your employees to work from home while still adhering to your organization's high security standards.

Cost-Efficient Cloud VDI

Replace or complement your existing, costly infrastructure with our secure and reliable cloud VDI solutions.

Business Owners

Business Owners

Remote Work Enablement

Interested in empowering your employees to work remotely without sacrificing security? Thinfinity Virtual Desktops, powered by IONOS, provides a secure and efficient solution.

Value Addition

Implementing a thriving remote work environment not only adds value to your business but also enhances employee satisfaction.

Improve Productivity

Transitioning to our cloud VDI solution can significantly boost productivity by providing a seamless and efficient work environment.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your security posture by moving to a cloud VDI, ensuring that your remote workforce operates within a secure framework.

Cost-Effective IT

Reduce your IT expenses by eliminating the need for on-premise infrastructure and maintenance, thanks to our cloud-based VDI solution.

Advantages of Thinfinity Virtual Desktops

Uncompromising Performance icon

Uncompromising Performance

Leveraging IONOS Cloud's enterprise-grade infrastructure, experience 70% better performance on average than leading competitors.

Ease of Deployment

Ease of Deployment

Set up your virtual desktop in less than 10 clicks, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Global Reach

Global Reach

With data centers worldwide, your users have fast access to cloud PCs wherever they are located.



High-quality SSD storage at almost HDD prices, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Zero Trust Security architecture with SSL web access, integrated seamlessly with leading identity providers.

Enhanced User Experience

Optimized Audio and Video

Thinfinity Virtual Desktops stands alone as the only browser-based Virtual Desktops solution that supports Real-Time Audio and Video (RTAV) conferences.


Multi-Monitor Support

Expand your virtual workspace with the capability to use up to 16 virtual monitors per Remote Desktop session.


Printing and USB Redirection

Experience hassle-free printing and plug-and-play USB redirection, allowing you to connect external devices to your virtual desktop effortlessly.

Enhanced User Experience
Enhanced security, Bring your own identity

Comprehensive Security

ZeroTrust Security

Safeguard sensitive data and minimize security risks with a secure architecture that enables SSL web access without any open ports.


Identity Provider Integration

Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading identity providers, including Okta, DUO, ADFS, Azure AD, OneLogin, Google, and more.

VDI Manager

Automatic Scaling with Thinfinity VDI Manager

Provisioning on Demand

Automatically provision virtual desktops as your workforce grows, ensuring that you always have the resources you need without any manual intervention.

Dynamic Scaling icon
Dynamic Scaling

Utilize Thinfinity VDI Manager to dynamically scale up or scale down your virtual desktop infrastructure based on real-time usage metrics or predefined timeframes.

Resource Optimization icon
Resource Optimization

Intelligent resource allocation ensures that you’re getting the most out of your investment, optimizing performance without wasting resources.

Automated Management icon
Automated Management

The Thinfinity VDI Manager automates many of the tasks traditionally handled by IT, such as provisioning and scaling, thereby reducing the overhead and complexity of managing a virtual desktop environment.

Schedule-Based Scalling icon
Schedule-Based Scalling

Schedule automatic scaling based on specific timeframes, such as business hours or seasonal peaks, to ensure optimal performance when it’s needed most.

Usage-Based Scaling icon
Usage-Based Scaling

The system can automatically adjust resources based on usage patterns, ensuring that you’re not over-provisioned during low-usage periods and under-provisioned during peak times.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Complete overview and control of your Remote Users

User Monitoring

Real-time User Activity Tracking / User ID Identification / Behavior Analysis / Browser ID / IP Source.

User Management

Session Disconnection / Session Shadowing.

Session Monitoring

Active Session Overview / Session Duration Metrics / Session Termination Logs.

File System Monitoring

File Uploads and Downloads.

Pool Usage

Resource Allocation Tracking / Group Utilization Metrics / Idle Pool Management.

Audits Logs

Detailed Event Logging / Security Incident Reports / Compliance Audits / SIEM Integration.

Integration Capabilities

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems / API Support for Extended Functionality.

Thinfinity DaaS Comprehensive monitoring
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