Move your legacy enterprise
applications to the cloud

Reliable and cost-efficient

Modernize your enterprise software ecosystem without coding.
Thinfinity enables secure and zero complexity workspaces.

Move your legacy enterprise
applications to the cloud

Reliable and cost-efficient

Modernize your enterprise software ecosystem without coding.
Thinfinity enables secure and zero complexity workspaces.

Application modernization

Application modernization

Simplify application and desktop delivery across your organization

Application modernization
  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure business continuity by modernizing mission critical applications
  • Enable remote work based on your existing architecture
  • Multi-cloud deployments

Webify your enterprise software

Free whitepaper: The challenges of Anywhere Access to ERP systems

Enterprise remote desktop software

Workforce mobility is a way of life today as remote work strategies have taken hold across businesses of all sizes and industries. Regardless of where work is being conducted, users need access to the business critical applications that make their company’s digital transformation possible.

IT Agility

Improve IT agility

Scale as much as you need

IT Agility graphic
  • Flexible deployments
    Run your desktop applications on any web browser. Host your resources on any private, hybrid, and multi-cloud.
  • Task automation
    Programmatically create your resources. Use our web service API to integrate and automate repetitive tasks and to optimize your resource usage.
  • Centralized management
    The Thinfinity console allows you to manage all your resources anywhere and from any device.
  • Analytics
    Monitor usage activities and generate comprehensive reports.

Enterprise-grade security

Secure your data and resources

Secure your data and resources
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    Add an extra layer of security to your net using TOTP or DUO.
  • Windows AD integration and Azure AD integration
    Granular user policies based on user, user groups, and groups of groups.
  • OAuth/2 and SAML integration
    Protect the access to Thinfinity resources with common SSO authentication sources.
  • Bruteforce detection
    Configure brute-force detection, and enable white and blacklist IP addresses.
Secure your data and resources

Cloud integration

All the features you need to create a modern integrated ecosystem

Printer icon


Send printing jobs from any device to any remote or local printer.

File transfer icon

File Transfer

Upload and download files from the remote desktop or remote applications on a single action.

Full screen icon

Full-Screen Experience

Get a local like user experience running your applications on full screen on any device.

Touch gesture icon

Touch Gestures

Android and iPad users can use native gestures on its devices.

Seamless navigation icon

Seamless Navigation

Local like user experience with latency rates close to zero.

Drag and drop icon

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop files from your device to your remote application.

White labelling icon

White Labelling

Customize the Thinfinity portal with your logo and styles.

Chrome IOS icon


A seamless experience on ChromeOS. No installations needed on the end-user side.

Pure remote access and integration

Solving your infrastructure challenges to help move your business forward

Automate the sales process by giving customers instant access to free trials right from your website with no downloads or installations. Lower sales and marketing costs. Save customers’ time, reduce friction, and get more conversions in less time.


More cost-effective

Reduce your TCO up to 70% compared with traditional VDI and DaaS solutions.


More productive

Increase your employee’s engagement allowing them to access resources anywhere at any time. Avoid disruptions and delays.

Thinfinity solutions

Yes, all Thinfinity solutions comes with a 15-days free trial.

Request a free consultation with one of our specialist and get guidance on the best Thinfinity solution for you.

Either if you go for a Fully hosted and Hybrid service or for an on-premises solution tech support is free during pre-sales.

On fully hosted and Hybrid solutions, once your architecture is defined we’ll set up a free 7 days POC for your deployment.

The most adaptable architecture

Our products adapt to every scenario thanks to Thinfinity’s Secure Tunneling architecture. Host your apps on our public cloud, on your own private/public infrastructure, or a combination of both.

The simplest cloud solution for your digital workspace.

  • Out-of-the-box solution for remote access to applications, desktops, and files.
  • A perfect fit for small to midsize deployments. Deliver virtual apps with just a few easy steps. Little IT knowledge is required.
  • Simplified user management. Add and remove users based on the business needs. On-demand license upgrade.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace Online Deploymen

Fully featured and self-managed. The entire solution resides in your architecture.

  • Host Thinfinity on existing on-premise servers or public cloud of your choice.
  • Integrated, secure, and scalable digital workspace solution at the lowest TCO in the market.
  • Works seamlessly with existing infrastructure models and identity providers.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace-On Premises Deployment

Deploy a single digital workspace that combines cloud and on-premise resources.

  • Grow computing solutions that evolve together with your business needs.
  • Preserve existing investments in legacy infrastructure.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace Hybrid Deployment

Turnkey solution. Avoid infrastructure costs and deployment headaches. We host and manage it for you.

  • Provide a fully-fledged digital workspace with practically zero effort.
  • Turnkey solution that includes the setup and management of cloud-based infrastructure, developer environments, and office productivity software.
  • Centralize users, applications, and data for better security, compliance, and IT efficiency.
Thinfinity Remote Workspace Fully Hosted Deployment