Thinfinity® VirtualUI
Instant remoting

Thinfinity VirtualUI includes a remote user interface solution that publishes your Windows applications as dual-platform Windows/HTML5 apps, simply by adding a single line of code to your software. These Windows applications can keep their standard desktop environment behavior or be remotely accessed from any web browser in a multi-user, multi-instance fashion, if hosted on a Thinfinity VirtualUI Server environment.

Take your Windows apps to the web, instantly

Any Windows desktop application that uses Microsoft Windows Win32 GDI/GDI+/DirectX calls and can interface with an ActiveX library is suitable for Thinfinity VirtualUI.

Supported applications include .NET WinForms apps, old Visual Basic apps, Dephi VCL apps, C/C++ MFC apps, etc. 

Would you like to have a private demo to learn how to convert your Windows application to web app?

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Thinfinity VirtualUI Instant app virtualization
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