Powerful, innovative and affordable solutions for enhancing your existing technology.

Access remote Windows desktops from anywhere

HTML5 web based Remote Desktop Access from anywhere using a web browser

Securely access remote Windows desktops and applications from any device with an HTML5 compatible browser. We deliver the best performance of all available HTML5-based clients.

RDP client for virtual desktops and applications

Web based HTML5 Remote Access to VDI and Application Publishing

Provide rapid access to RDS/VDI/App-V platforms from anywhere. Publish your Windows applications to the web. Designed for a constantly expanding end-user base.

Terminal Emulation Software

Terminal Emulation for TN3270E, TN5250E, VT100 and SSH protocols

Agile solutions for IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe and UNIX server access and printer emulation on any version of Windows. Web-based terminal access available from any HTML5 browser.

Tools for Developers

Development Tools for Terminal Emulation and Remote Access

GUI remoting and web integration of Windows apps with a single line of code. PC-to-Host application integration with HLLAPi, OHIO and TN BRIDGE.