Enable a secure digital workspace,
without the complexity and extra cost

Reliable and cost-efficient

Thinfinity enables secure and zero complexy digital workspace for 70% less than other virtual desktops solutions.

Eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional VDI

Simplified virtualization

Eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional VDI

Thinfinity is a cost-effective, simple, and secure alternative to Citrix environments. Get a scalable provision of digital workspaces for your users as well as full access to your off-cloud resources for a fraction of the price.

Be ahead of the curve

Benefits of adopting a cloud-based approach with Thinfinity

Provide your users with applications and desktops - Thinfinity


Provide your users with applications and desktops. No need for technical expertise to roll out your virtual environment.

Seamless Navigation - Thinfinity Features

Seamless Experience

Users can access full desktops or applications from any device. No installations are required.

Citrix Replacement - Cybele Software

Reduce Cost

Reduce costs by up to 50% while eliminating the complexity of deploying Citrix.

Eliminate Servers - Thinfinity Features

Eliminate Servers

By moving part or your entire architecture to the cloud you can get rid of your datacenters and any associated cost.

Flexibility - Thinfinity Features


Fully hosted in Azure or AWS, or self-hosted in any environment.

RemoteApps - Thinfinity Features

Native Experience

HTML5 support for delivering your application to any device. Plus native Android and iPad clients.

Reduce cost, gain flexibility

Creating a secure digital workspace without the complexity and cost of Citrix

Citrix makes sense. It’s a global leader in the industry after all. But is it really the best remote access solution for your enterprise? Companies are looking for new alternatives that require less money, time and resources to implement and maintain. That’s why they are turning to Thinfinity. In this document we will outline what separates Thinfinity Remote Desktop from its recognized competitor and show why Thinfinity is the remote access technology of choice, that makes the most sense in the modernized world.

Migrate to Thinfinity Remote Workspace today

Experience how easy it is to eliminate the cost and complexity
of VDI while simplifying the virtual delivery of your apps.

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