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Fully Managed, Zero-Client Cloud Desktops

Enable access to desktops and business applications from anywhere on any device.

Meet security, flexibility and reliability

Empower employees and contractors with secure access to your company’s business applications and data from any device, anywhere. Taylor-made, simple cloud desktops provisioning and streamlined management. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to flexibility and productivity.

Personal Virtual Desktops

Access personal virtual desktop with DaaS, icon

Unleash the power of GPU-accelerated virtual desktops with our enterprise-grade system. Designed for single users with demanding needs, our solution offers exceptional performance on any device for users of complex, graphics-rich software.

Multi-User Virtual Desktops

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Powered by Azure Virtual Desktops, users get their own private folders and access to shared folders for easy collaboration. Plus, you only have to install apps once for all users to access them. Streamline your team’s workflow with Thinfinity DaaS.

Application Delivery

Application delivery with DaaS, icon

Maximize productivity and flexibility with our DaaS solution. Easily deliver Windows applications to end-users without granting access to the entire desktop. Enable access to the programs they need from any device with no client installation.

Advantages of Thinfinity’s DaaS
(Desktop as a Service)

Enhanced Security

Thinfinity DaaS provides ZeroTrust Security to safeguard sensitive data and minimize security risks with a secure architecture that enables SSL web access without any open ports.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with leading identity providers, including Okta, DUO, ADFS, Azure AD, OneLogin, Google, and more.

Enhanced security, Bring your own identity
Effortlessly run any application in the cloud

Maximize Application Compatibility and Deployment Success

Thinfinity DaaS empowers the execution of virtually any application on Azure, including those not designed for cloud or multi-session environments. Our platform offers seamless integration with Azure, enabling you to effortlessly run any application in the cloud, regardless of its design or intended environment. This allows you to leverage the power and scalability of Azure to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Increase performance, agility and scalability

Thinfinity DaaS is a powerful solution for businesses that allows them to deliver virtual desktops and applications without expensive hardware or complex management. It also offers advanced features that enhance performance, agility, and scalability.

Virtual desktop and application delivery

Managed Services

Setup and management icon

Turnkey solution that includes the setup and management of cloud-based infrastructure, developer environments, and office productivity software.

Business Customized

Application customization, icon

Our customer onboarding team will help you install your business apps and move your data, giving each user a unique experience.

Daily Backups

Daily backup icon

Our plans offers daily snapshots for added security. In case of accidental deletion or disaster, we can restore individual files or revert the entire virtual machine. This ensures your data is always protected and accessible.

Enhancing VDI with Thinfinity DaaS Solution

Thinfinity’s DaaS solution is the perfect complement to your existing VDI deployment(s), providing a cost-effective and scalable solution that can help you address common challenges such as limited datacenter space, inadequate IT staff, and tight budgets. With Thinfinity’s DaaS, you can easily scale your VDI deployment to meet the changing needs of your workforce, without incurring additional capital costs or sacrificing security.

Temporary, seasonal, and contract workers

DaaS workers temporary access icon

Thinfinity DaaS enables you to meet workers demands without stressing your VDI deployment during peak usage and avoiding additional capital costs.

Business continuity

DaaS business continuity icon

In case of disaster or other disruptions in your premises, the cloud resources won’t be affected, helping maintain the continuity of the business.


DaaS remote location support icon

Thinfinity DaaS makes it possible to support remote locations with minimal onsite infrastructure, and it can also facilitate the quick launch of new locations.

Emerging needs

Daas emerging need solution icon

Additionally, Thinfinity DaaS can help you quickly address any needs that your current VDI deployment is unable to handle. For instance, you might need to include support for GPU-accelerated graphics.

Project-driven work

DaaS project-driven work icon

Thinfinity DaaS can help you quickly respond to a projects that involves ramping up and down employees, consultants, partners, and even customers without exposing your organization’s network and intellectual property.

Labs for Dev/Test

DaaS pre-configured and testing environment icon

Eliminate shadow IT by implementing consistent, pre-configured development and testing environments that are simple to use and IT-approved.

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