A sneak peek of the new HTML5-based Terminal Emulator

As we announced a few weeks ago, our new HTML5 Based Terminal Emulator it’s almost ready.

Current z/Scope Web-to-Host users will enjoy this new Anywhere edition, which works on any HTML5 capable browser without the need of plugings or additional setups. z/Scope Anywhere client works under Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and others.

We are now polishing the final details of our new Web Terminal Emulator, so we wanted to share with you its look:

HTML5 Based Terminal Emulator – Web Client home page view

HTML5 Terminal Emulation

Actual emulation screen directly drawn on the HTML5 canvas

Capture of HTML5 Based Terminal Emulator - Web Client

We’ve choosen the new metro style to keep a fluid and modern interface across devices. Thanks to its portability and its smooth look & feel, the new z/Scope will eclipse any standalone and any plugin-based terminal emulator you’ve ever used before.

Did you ever dream to access the old Mainframe or iSeries from your handheld while you’re away from your desk?

ThinRDP Workstation: A lighter edition of ThinRDP

It has been six months since we released the first version of ThinRDP, our successful Web RDP solution. To celebrate the achievement and keep the product on track we ran a feedback survey among our early adopters.

Surprisingly, the results showed us that many users who worked with ThinRDP in-company wanted a lighter version they could take home to access their personal computers through the web, using smartphones, tablets or other devices.

Web based RDP workstation client

That’s why we decided to split ThinRDP into two editions: ThinRDP Server and ThinRDP Workstation. ThinRDP Workstation, just as its name proposes, enables remote connections from any HTML5 capable browser to a single workstation.

The original “ThinRDP for RDS” (ThinRDP for Remote Desktop Services) has now became “ThinRDP Server”. The name has changed, but all its features are still there:

– Windows Terminal Services applications and desktops access
– Virtual desktops or applications access (RDS/VDI platforms)
– Single entry point for web-based RDP access to all LAN PCs
– Application publishing and more…

The new ThinRDP Workstation is a simple, but powerful web-based RDP workstation client designed to fulfill the needs of small companies and single users. It also covers other special scenarios where a complex, fully-featured Server deployment is not required.

Take note! You can request a free ThinRDP Workstation license just by filling out a quick form. A license serial will be emailed to you within minutes. 

Ask for your free ThinRDP Workstation license now and enjoy free web-RDP access to your PC wherever you go!

ThinRDP is now Thinfinity Remote Desktop. Read more about this brand change here.