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Hybrid Work: A New Standard

The demand for adaptable work environments is louder than ever.


Of workers believe that hybrid working has improved their Mental and physical health.


Of employees report feeling more productive in a hybrid work arrangement.


Of employees favor flexibility and personal Life working balance.


of IT leaders are embracing hybrid work models for the long haul, showcasing a resolute commitment to this future-proof approach to work.

New Challenges in a Remote Landscape


Your geographically dispersed workforce needs secure and reliable access to essential applications and desktops, regardless of device or location. Traditional delivery methods can be complex and resource-intensive to manage at scale.

A growing remote team can strain IT resources. Ensuring seamless connectivity and access to critical data and resources while maintaining the highest security standards becomes increasingly complex.

Integrating new employees efficiently can be difficult in a remote setting. Traditional onboarding processes might not translate smoothly, potentially impacting productivity and security.

With a remote workforce, the number of access points to your network increases significantly. Traditional security measures might not be enough to protect your data from evolving cyber threats.

Remote employees rely on consistent and reliable access to applications and resources. Disruptions or connectivity issues can be frustrating and impact productivity.

Rapidly Onboard Remote Workers While Keeping Security and Control

Dynamic Scaling icon

Effortlessly Scale

Adapt to the needs of your organization, whether onboarding 100 or 100,000 remote users, without the hassle.


Secure and Seamless Access

Implement ZTNA to ensure secure access to corporate applications—web, SaaS, virtual, and more—for a truly flexible and secure remote work environment, all without the limitations and scalability issues of traditional VPNs.

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Reliable Application and Data Access

Ensure that every remote worker has dependable access to the apps and data they need to be productive, regardless of their location.

Zero trust Application access

Privilege Access Management

Securely manage access rights for temporary sessions both on Privilege requirements and temporary access. Enable Zero trust access for Contractors and Seasonal workers.

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solutions

Utilize our DaaS offerings to provide scalable, on-demand access to desktop environments (cloud or on premises), making it easier than ever to support a hybrid workforce.

Elevate Remote Work Security 

Thinfinity's ZTNA architecture addresses remote work security challenges

Thinfinity employs robust SSL and TLS 1.3 encryption for secure, clientless access through a cloud reverse tunnel, ensuring data integrity and privacy across connections.

Thinfinity integrates with identity platforms to offer adaptive authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), enhancing security and user access management.

Thinfinity enforces stringent role-based access controls, ensuring users are granted permissions strictly based on their roles, minimizing risks of unauthorized access and enhancing overall security posture.

Specifically designed to manage access for temporary and permanent remote workers, ensuring that the right level of access is granted and maintained.

Thinfinity offers extensive enterprise audit trails, logs, and session recordings, enabling detailed monitoring and review of all user activities for compliance and enhanced security oversight.

Elevate Remote Employee Productivity 

Thinfinity is engineered to tackle remote workforce productivity challenges

Optimized Application Performance

optimized app performance-icon

Thinfinity accelerates application delivery, ensuring remote workers can access the tools they need swiftly and reliably.


2023 - Cybele Software - VDI Manager-33

 Effortlessly share entire work sessions with colleagues for real-time co-creation and problem-solving. Transfer files of any size securely and quickly, eliminating email attachment limitations and version control issues.

Crisp Voice
and Video

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Our advanced optimization techniques ensure that voice and video communications remain clear and uninterrupted, irrespective of network conditions.


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Thinfinity’s cloud-agnostic platform guarantees high availability of services, enabling seamless access to applications and data, ensuring operational continuity.

Explore Remote Work Solutions

Zero Trust Application Delivery

Deliver applications to any device with Zero-Trust security

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Thinfinity Virtual Desktops

Deploy cloud-based virtual desktops for your employees, contractors, students or clients

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Citrix Alternative

Simplify application delivery and reduce Cost by up to 50% compared to your current virtual provider

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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Protect your organization's digital environment and effectively achieve Zero Trust goals

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VDI Manager

Unleash Seamless Virtual Desktop Deployment Across Multi-Cloud Environments

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