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There’s a Terminal Emulation solution for every need
zScope Anywhere Web Terminal Emulator
Since 2002, Cybele Software has enabled companies to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technologies and proven client/server and mainframe systems.

The evolution from the first z/Scope 1.0 for Windows to the newest, web based z/Scope Anywhere client has been huge.

Find below a table of our old and new terminal emulation editions and the main features each of them cover:

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Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation License Handling for Windows 10 Upgrade

After upgrading to the new Windows 10, some Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation users reported that our HTML5 RDP solution shows a “License could not be loaded” status.


Why does this happen?license handling for Windows 10 upgrade

Old Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation versions implemented a license system that uses some local hardware and software values to create a digital fingerprint. Since this is uncritical but unrepeatable information, it is ideal to be used for identification purposes when attached to the final license data.

Windows 10 installation changes some of the original PC values, causing the mentioned error when Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation tries to verify its license information.

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White Labeling and Bundling of web-enabled apps

White labeling

This article describes the new Bundling and White Labeling customization options for a Thinfinity VirtualUI web-enabled Windows application.

In the present note we will give a brief explanation about the Bundling and White Labeling customization of a VirtualUI adapted application. This is the last of a series of three features that we are implementing to assist companies applying for OEM licensing.

In previous articles we described two features that help developers with the management of OEM licensed web-enabled applications:

  • a Server Configuration API, that allows for an automatic and transparent programmatic registration of an application on your Thinfinity VirtualUI Server.
  • an OEM Licensing API to create and revoke end-user’s Thinfinity VirtualUI licenses.

By using Bundling and White Labeling customization, companies now acquire a wider range of tools that will allow them to completely take control of their product’s final branding.

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Managing licenses through the Thinfinity® VirtualUI OEM Licensing library



To help bundling Thinfinity VirtualUI with their applications, companies applying for OEM licensing can take advantage of three new features: Server Configuration API, OEM Licensing API and White Labeling customization.

In this article we will cover the OEM Licensing API.
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