We are constantly working to improve Thinfinity VirtualUI to offer you more features and integration capabilities for your applications.
Have you ever thought about the benefits of adding Google, Facebook, Twitter or any other external authentication method o your apps?
Today we want to share with you a quick insight into one of our latest projects: the addition of many more login options to clear the way for user authentication.

Back from the Future

Here is a prototype of the new and completely customizable Thinfinity VirtualUI login page running in an IPad Mini Safari. This page was designed following the look and feel of Thinfinity, but you will be able to customize it completely, according to your own branding style:
VirtualUI login - multiple authentication methods
The left side allows users to log in using an OAuth/2 single sign-on (SSO) external method. The right side shows options to choose a more conventional login method, like Windows Logon, Radius, or other custom methods implementing our authentication API.
Using the new authentication scheme you will be able to define which methods for accessing your application would be available for your users. We will explain these methods in-depth in an upcoming post.
This great capability will be released along with other new features by the Q1 2016.
Stay tuned!

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Comments (3)

This looks awesome!

Will there be the possible to preauthenticate the Logon (probably with Basic authentication headers)? Would be great.

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely consider it. 🙂
Our tech team sent you an email regarding this matter.
Best regards,
mariana @ cybelesoft.com

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