We have exciting news! A new release of Thinfinity VirtualUI is out, now with support for HTML5 Web Components!
VirtualUI Web ComponentsSo what HTML5 Web Components is about and why is so important for your VirtualUI-based application?
Do we need to explain anything about reusable software components? You develop in C#, Vb.Net, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc, so you’ve been using them for years!
HTML5 Web Components is a specification that brings to the Web Browser the concept of reusable components, in this case made of HTML+Scripting, to create new HTML elements. So, you currently use the standard <div> elements, <input> elements, etc. and with the Web Components specification you can build custom elements like <my-clock>, <google-map>, <qr>, etc.
But what about VirtualUI? Now in this release, you’ll be able to embed Web Components in your Windows app, replacing a standard Windows control.
Let’s see an example.  Suppose you want to stream video with native performance. Now you can replace your local windows media component with a native HTML5 video component. Videos will stream directly to the web browser and you’ll get native performance!
Download some demo projects from http://github.com/cybelesoft/virtualui
Would you like to have a private demo to learn more about Thinfinity VirtualUI? Contact us to coordinate a quick product demonstration.

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