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Cybele Software offers remote access and virtualization solutions that can be used across multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Users can also use our software to access virtual machines from any device from their favorite web browser, without requiring any additional software or plugin.

Wondering why Virtual Desktops are even an option? Remoting and web-enabling solutions are more important than ever in today’s business landscape, especially when it comes to managing your infrastructure.

The adoption of this path makes it possible for any company to give users access to a complete workstation hosted in the cloud using some of the traditional remote desktop tools.

With remote access, you can connect to your network from anywhere using any kind of device. Virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems on one server, which is a great way to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Cybele Software's Blog
From now on we’ll be using this media to inform you about upcoming products, solutions, releases, and related technology news as well as security information about our solutions.

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Gustavo Ricardi
Cybele Software’s CEO / President
Cybele Sotfware, Inc.

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