Fast & secure operation

All-in-one solution for application and desktop delivery

GPU acceleration on both ends for maximum multimedia performance

Remote and Hybrid working has become essential for many organizations. Entire IT departments are being re-engineered worldwide, with CIOs and other technology leaders looking for smarter IT solutions. Thinfinity is compatible with any application and can streamline software delivery to employees based on company policies. Take advantage of our innovative, purpose-built solution to ensure your organization benefits from one architecture delivering all your desktop apps.

  • No client software or browser extensions needed.
  • Safer than a VPN and much faster.
  • Minimum setup: have it running in no time.
  • Flexible architecture – Any cloud, any size.
  • Stream audio and video remotely.
  • Run CAD applications with a minimum bandwidth.
  • Powerful GPU machines ensure the best performance.
  • Low latency: No mouse or cursor lag.
Fast and secure remote and hybrid solution

Have all your apps run safely in any environment

Thanks to Thinfinity’s secure tunneling architecture, you can host your apps on our public cloud, on your own private/public infrastructure, or a combination of both. Whatever the case may be, we have solutions to fit just about any scenario you could think of.


We help businesses provide a fully-fledged digital workspace with practically zero effort.
Thinfinity is a turnkey solution that includes the setup and management of cloud-based infrastructure, developer environments, and office productivity software.

Thinfinity architecture - Fully Hosted


Deploy applications on a single digital workspace that blends cloud and on-prem resources.
Thinfintiy provides the flexibility to grow computing solutions that evolve together with your business needs, while preserving existing investments in legacy infrastructure.

Thinfinity architecture - Hybrid

On Premises

Stay in complete control.
Create and deploy scalable private cloud deployments with an all-in-one, integrated, end-to-end workspace solution at the lowest TCO in the market.

Thinfinity architecture - On premises

Thinfinity - Cloud integration

All the features you need to create a modern and integrated ecosystem

Say goodbye to the days of web browser isolation. Instead, provide your team with a digital workspace experience that provides a secure, user-friendly, and easily manageable environment where they can help take your business to the next level of productivity.

SSL VPN icon


Simple and secure remote access to intranet web applications.

Supports 3rd party apps icon


Isolate Windows applications from the desktop and make them available on any web browser.

Local like experience icon


Access desktops on-prem or in the cloud with a local-like experience.

File transfer icon

File Sharing

Securely access shared folders hosted on servers on-premise.

Screen sharing icon

Screen Sharing

Work remotely or monitor remote facilities from your browser.

Multi cloud support icon


Securely integrate your resources hosted on multiple clouds.

Integration with cloud icon


Programmatically Integrate and automate your cloud deployments.

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Secure your multi-cloud architecture with military grade encryption and no inbound ports opened.

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The definitive solution for enterprise application delivery

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Organizations are nowadays challenged to provide secure and convenient alternatives for remote access to enterprise intranet applications. While there are other solutions on the market that partially address these challenges, most fall short in providing the ultimate unified experience. Thinfinity Workspace allows you to seamlessly and securely run standalone Windows or intranet enterprise applications from anywhere using just a web browser. This new alternative offers greater agility that VPNs just can’t offer, while retaining security standards and performance requirements to allow remote access to your applications.

We can help on your transition to a digital workspace

Thinfinity has helped over 3000 businesses to transition to a digital workspace. By bridging the gap between work and home, we empower organizations large and small with affordable technology solutions that will transform how they work and collaborate.

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