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Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server 4.0

What’s new on
Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server v4.0?

Faster than ever:  Stream HD videos or work with 3D live models

Our new Architecture improves the general performance, creating a PC-like user experience. The end user won’t notice any performance differences when running the virtualized applications or VMs on a web browser.

Per-user Connection Profiles Management

Now you’ll be able to create and maintain your own connection links to RDP resources.

Credential Manager / Store your own credentials

Store your credentials for each public and private connection profiles, thus avoiding to retype credentials every time you access an RDP host. Credentials are handled in such way that you can reuse them across connection profiles.

Support for additional authentication methods:

DUO 2FA /  SAML /  Okta Oauth 2.0  / Forgerock OAuth 2.0 

Increase the security of your project by adding Two Factor or multi-factor authentication with any of the most popular providers on the market.

Licensing Server Ready

Register your license on a single server and set up a load balancing environment where all your VMs pool the same license server.

Ready to give it a try?

Download the setup files and get a 30 days free trial with unlimited concurrent users, or if you don’t know where to start, just contact us and get a quick product demonstration with one of our experts.