Thinfinity® Features

Thinfinity is the perfect solution for admins looking to build an enterprise-grade virtualization platform. Provide users with a seamless, unified experience across multiple devices while delivering all the remote tools they need to be productive anywhere and anytime. 

Web application Gateway (WAG)


Make any intranet web application available externally without exposing your infrastructure. Provide users with instant access to your web app without using VPN.

H264 for GPU apps


Give remote users the ability to stream GPU-intensive applications straight from the cloud or the on-prem high-end machines while retaining a robust local-like desktop experience.

Web Folders


Provide instant access to remote files and web folders. Deliver secure remote access to corporate information for your teams.

VDI Manager


Automate the provision of desktops and application servers. Create, destroy and manage the availability of Virtual Machines hosted in the public cloud.

Resource Reservation Scheduler


Enable users and organizers to manage and book available resources on demand. Your resources are available to them only during the set time.

Booking Rest API


Includes a Rest API for external integrations, allowing you to integrate it with any calendar service in the market.

Secondary Brokers


Support hybrid cloud deployments and access a pool of resources. Ideal for multiple network access.

Load Balancer


Ensure optimal resource allocation and maintain full functionality, even in the event of a component failure.

Web Services API


Automate your deployments. Create users and connections, and administrate your resources programmatically.

Profiles Rest API


Call any profile-related feature from external implementations. With Rest API, you can easily create, remove, and modify users, assign permissions, set groups and access hours.

Directory Services API


Natively authenticate with multiple user systems such as SQL and Firebase. Get extra flexibility and secure alternatives for connecting to your applications remotely.

Active Directory Integration


Integrate your existing Active Directory with the Thinfinity authentication system. Create access profiles and map them to existing windows users. Group those profiles into user groups and nested groups.

Web Manager


Control every aspect of the user creation process from anywhere and using any device. Simplify the profile creation process for your users with step-by-step wizards.

User Analytics


View analytical data regarding logins, sessions, and connections established within Thinfinity.

All-Windows compatibility


Thinfinity supports 32 and 64-bit Windows editions. Compatible with all editions of Windows 8+ and Windows Server 2012+.



Allow secure access to your enterprise network. Use it with any SSL VPN, or even replace it. Supports all industry-standard SSL VPNs, including Cisco and Juniper.

Virtualization Agent


Increase cloud security by isolating virtual machines from the internet and using secure tunnels to connect to the Thinfinity network. Additionally, enable a higher degree of scalability, spreading workload across VMs.



Wake up sleeping machines at any time. Provide remote access to your resources even when they are not active.

Remote Printing


Route printing jobs from the WTS/RDS server to a local printer. Print using local printers or remote resources.

File Transfer


Exchange files between the remote machines and portable devices. Upload and download files to the remote host. The admin can activate or deactivate it based on the user profile.

Remote Audio


Seamlessly use your local audio input on a remote machine. Especially useful for integrations with voice calling applications such as Teams, Zoom, and VoIP clients. Ideal for virtual call centers.



The multi-monitor feature allows users to access up to 16 virtual monitors per Remote Desktop session, enabling them to run multiple applications in different locally attached monitors.

USB Redirection


Allow end-users to plug external devices -such as printers or scanners- into a local USB port and access them from the remote application.

Extended Clipboard Redirection


Users can now copy and paste files between the Remote Desktop session and the local device. With this clipboard redirection extension, users will be able to transfer files, retaining their extension and format.

Multi-language Support


Thinfinity is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese versions. Additional languages can be added.

One-Step Direct Download


Download or upload files to the remote Windows resource in one single step. Configure RemoteApps to redirect downloads straight to your local machine.

iOS and Android Native Apps


Get the best experience on your tablet and mobile devices with our apps.

Record your RDP session


Record remote desktop sessions and play them from the Thinfinity web interface.

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