Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server

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Despite the names, you do not need the Server to run the Workstation. Both are different solutions for web remote desktop access. Compare them and chose the one that suits you best.

Server Edition

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Server is the best available solution to access Terminal Server environments and large deployments requiring secure RDP gateway with access profile management.
Access to VMs hosted with Google Cloud, MS Azure or Amazon Services or publish single applications to the web.
The Server edition is also compatible with Microsoft® RemoteApp, this feature of remote Desktop services enables third-party application publishing – granting access to a single app instead of sharing the entire desktop.

Workstation Edition

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Workstation offers a simple and easy to use web-based RDP client.  This remote desktop tool is perfect for large, corporate virtualization scenarios and also for remote access to single PCs.

Besides the full-control mode, it features a second remote access option for screen sharing, which works just like VNC. The Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation edition is ideal for remote assistance, team collaboration, IT support and user training. Its presentation tool allows users to organize remote meetings with up to 16 attendees.

Take a look to the tablke that lists the main differences between the Server and the Workstation edition:

Server Edition
Workstation Edition
Web RDP Client, HTML5-Based lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
Multiple concurrent user access to the same machine lists_page_icon_3
Screen Sharing, VNC-like lists_page_icon_8
Remote Audio Support lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
File Transfer lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
Remote Printing lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
RemoteFX decoder lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
Session Recording lists_page_icon_3
Presentation Tool lists_page_icon_8
Remote Drive Mapping lists_page_icon_3
Access RDS/VDI/App-V platforms lists_page_icon_3
Single setup to access all LAN PC’s lists_page_icon_3
Support for Virtual Paths lists_page_icon_3
App Publishing lists_page_icon_3
SDK Enhancements & APP Integration lists_page_icon_3
Access Profile Management lists_page_icon_3
Logs Usage and Statistics lists_page_icon_3
Load Balancing lists_page_icon_3
Active Directory Integration lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
HTTP/s protocol and SSL Encryption lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
Digest/NTLM Authentication lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
RADIUS Authentication lists_page_icon_3
Single-Sign-On (SSO) Support lists_page_icon_3
Citrix Ready lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
Windows UAC Support lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
Support of multiple languages lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
Compatible with XRDP Server lists_page_icon_3
HTML5 Web Client for Mobile lists_page_icon_3 lists_page_icon_8
License Type Per Concurrent User Per Seat

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