Thinfinity® Remote Workspace includes an ingenious Clientless VPN which enables IT Admins to easily and effortlessly deliver access to Enterprise Intranet Applications.

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace manages to do all this, without the need to install an additional client on the end-user machine. Simply whitelist the domain(s) you need to provide access to, and it will securely forward this connection to the end user’s HTML5 browser.

You can find the steps to create a Web VPN connection here:

  1. Open the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager:

How to create a web VPN connection

  1. Once the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager is open, go to the Access Profiles tab from the top-left; then click on Add at the bottom-center and finally click on Web VPN:


  1. On the Profile Editor window, enter the web address for the Web VPN that you wish to set up under the “https://www” prefix under the Main entry point section, along with a Name to identify it on the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace landing page, then click Ok:

Clientless VPN

  1. You should see the new Web VPN connection added to the Access Profiles list. Click on Apply to finish setting up said connection:

Screenshot example

  1. After applying the changes, go to the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace landing page via browser, or through the General tab of the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager by clicking once on the binding and then on the Browse button:

Screenshot example

  1. On the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace landing page, you should be able to see the new Web VPN that you’ve just created:

Screenshot example

  1. You are now able to access your Web VPN connection through Thinfinity® Remote Workspace on the web!

Screenshot example

For detailed information related to Web VPN, you can check our Thinfinity® Remote Workspace documentation.

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