Access your Azure VMs through a Web Browser with Thinfinity Remote Desktop

Access Azure VMsWe know how much you value remote access to your resources, especially if this access is available securely from any location, and without the need for any software installation on the client device, regardless of the device type. This is how we conceived the Thinfinity Remote Desktop product line: to provide seamless web access for the widest range of scenarios.
We’ve always been confident in our products’ power and ability to integrate, but it’s much more gratifying when it is our users who share and show with enthusiasm different solutions that make use of Thinfinity Remote Desktop.
Carsten Lemm, Microsoft Azure specialist from Germany, wrote an excellent tutorial where he gives a step by step explanation on how to prepare a Microsoft Azure VM installation to be accessed from the web using Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation. The article explains in detail how this solution avoids common firewall blocking issues, unnecessary browser extensions or client software installations, while also simplifying networking configuration.
Moreover, Carsten shows us how to prepare this Microsoft Azure VM installation in a completely automated way. For this purpose, he uses PowerShell with an Azure Resource Manager template and a custom script extension. After running the script, the VM is installed and web access is enabled via Thinfinity Remote Desktop.
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You can read Carsten’s tutorial to access Azure VMs here:
Access your Azure VMs through a Web Browser with Thinfinity Remote Desktop (ThinRDP)
Also, you may wish to learn how to host your Desktop application on Azure with Thinfinity VirtualUI.
By sharing this successful solution example, we hope to inspire our users to find new ways of taking advantage of the many features Thinfinity has to offer.
Thank you, Carsten!

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