Guide to upgrade Cybele Software products

Keep up to Date with the Latest Product Versions
Find below a table of old products and the closest current solution we can offer that covers the same need:


ProductMain FeaturesReplaced byNotes
ThinVNC– Web VNC Client
– File Transfer (FTP)
Thinfinity VNC
(adding RDP connections as well)
Free trial available
ThinRDP Server
Also known as:
– Remote Access Server
– Online Remote Desktop Gateway
– HTML5 Remote PC Access
– Secure RDP Entry Point
Thinfinity Remote DesktopFree trial available
Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation
Also known as:
– ThinRDP Workstation
– Web RDP Client
– File Transfer (FTP)
Thinfinity Remote Desktop
/ Thinfinity Remote Workspace
Free trial available
/ Monthly subscription
TeamUp!– Screen Sharing
– Online Collaboration
– Presentations
Thinfinity VNCFree trial available
SharingGlass– Single Application SharingThinfinity Remote DesktopFree trial available
SupportSmith– Remote Desktop Control
– Remote PC Monitoring
– HelpDesk RDP Tool
Thinfinity Remote WorkspaceMonthly subscription


Products replacements

Cybele Software has always been a technology leader. Software programming evolves and people’s needs change.
Some of our old remoting solutions used to require an installation on the client computer; today all our remote access tools rely on HTML5 technology. In other cases, we decided to consolidate two similar apps so as to give our customers the comfort of a single setup with plenty of features.
These are the main reasons why some great remote PC applications we had in the past were discontinued or got merged into other solutions of our current Thinfinity product line.

Existing Customers: How to update your software version
Any Cybele Software customer covered by our Standard Support Service may update their current product version at any time.
Aside from our technical support service, surely the best part of renewing your license’s maintenance is being eligible for the latest software updates and version upgrades at no extra cost.
Check out our download page or contact our technical support team to find out about your product’s latest available version or to inquire about your license status.
You can also visit our Documentation page to find the available help files for current and discontinued products.
We hope you are able to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements by staying up to date with our latest product releases.

Need any help? Contact us:
Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768 (USA & Canada)
Email: [email protected] (please include full product name and version)

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Comments (4)

Hi, I need vnc audio sharing
Does any of these solution work for me?

Hi Moni,
Please try Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation.
It enables RDP and a desktop sharing mode working as VNC (but over own protocol).
You can request a free key on the link above.
Have a nice day!

Hi Rob, that project was the first version of the Thinfinity solutions (2010).
It is fully functional, but if you need an updated solution you should try our current versions which are eligible for technical support, updates, and upgrades. We offer a FREE trial and 100% support for all our software solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us or even request a custom demo to learn more about our software.

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