z/Scope Terminal Emulator

At a Glance…
  • Better functionality than all existing products, at the most competitive price.
  • Designed to run on the latest versions of Windows®, eliminating the need for troublesome and expensive backward compatibility.
  • Offers the most intuitive, user-friendly and task-oriented interface.
  • Helps reduce your IT budget.

The experienced developers of z/Scope set out from the beginning to offer our clients a robust, updated, and quality product. z/Scope arises as an alternative to the old terminal emulators, offering extensive functionality at a competitive price.

z/Scope offers everything you need to interact with hosts over TCP/IP and SSL protocols, leaving behind technologies that have become obsolete. The result is an agile, fully featured and innovative solution that will radically change your previous experience with terminal emulators.

Since it is so easy to configure and even easier to use, it has become an ideal terminal emulation solution providing user-friendly and task-oriented interfaces, which make for a rapid and more pleasant learning curve for end users.

Increased Productivity

All z/Scope features contribute to improving your terminal emulation experience. z/Scope users are able to save time and PC/Server resources, enjoy a beautiful interface, have all the functionality that they need, with the necessary technical support backing them up, for a minimal investment.

z/Scope offers a powerful, modern and feature-rich terminal emulator that helps reduce your company’s IT budget. Find out which edition is best for you.