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[Press Release] Cybele Software Inc. unveils its new Thinfinity® Remote Desktop -available in Server and Workstation editions

The New Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Brings Unparalleled Performance to Web Remote Access to Windows Desktops: Clientless RDP -Cross-browser, Cross-device.

For Immediate Release

WILMINGTON, DE, October 28, 2014—Cybele Software, Inc., the leading innovator of web based remote access software solutions, announced today the release of its latest solution to remote Windows desktop access.

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop delivers dramatic improvements in productivity, technology and user experience innovations. This new product offers a seamless, over 20% faster performance than its two predecessors, ThinRDP and ThinVNC.

Among other exciting new features and improvements, Thinfinity® Remote Desktop now provides support for Microsoft® RemoteFX™, enabling a fast and enhanced visual experience of the Windows desktop. It also offers multi-touch input redirection, which allows users to send the input of up to ten simultaneous fingers to be interpreted in the remote OS.

Also new in this release, is the possibility to record remote desktop sessions for later playback from within the HTML5 based interface.

Now, every configured connection can have its own URL, allowing for the creation of shortcuts for rapid and simplified end-user’s access to remote desktops and apps.

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop is available in two versions: Server and Workstation, each one of them aimed at users’ specific needs.


New features and enhancements

Server and Workstation editions:

Thinfinity featuresOver 20% faster than previous versions (ThinRDP / ThinVNC)

Support for Microsoft® RemoteFX™, enabling fast, enhanced visual experience of the Windows desktop

Multi-touch input redirection. Send the input of up to ten simultaneous fingers to be interpreted in the remote OS


Specific to Server edition:

 Record Remote Desktop (RDP) sessions and play them back from within the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop web interface

 Create shortcuts to any configured connection

Integrate the Thinfinity® RDP authentication with the RADIUS system

Populate Microsoft RD Web Access links

Store Analytics data in MS-SQL database


Specific to Workstation edition:

 Remote Desktop (RDP), Screen Sharing and File Transfer

 “Automatic” mode, that chooses between Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing taking into account the presence of a user on the remote machine

 Persistent configuration on per user basis


Check out the full Feature list (and compare both editions). For Architecture and Specifications of the Server, please check here.



For more information about Thinfinity® and Thinfinity® Remote Desktop contact Cybele Software, Inc.

3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 1125,

Wilmington, DE – 19808, USA.

Phone: (302) 892-9625 or (866) 462-9768

Email: info@cybelesoft.com

Website: www.cybelesoft.com

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Comments (5)

Having issues while running in IE 10 and IE 11.
Screen display is random.
sometimes it displays and sometimes it does not and sometimes connection abort msg keeps flikering

its HTM5 compliant.So IE 10 and 11 should not have any issues.
still while debugging , javascript shows some “objects doesnt suppurt this action”

Please provide inputs if IE 10/11 needs additional fixes.

P.S. In some IE 11 it works fine

Hi Imdad, I’ve reported your feedback to our support team and they will get back with you shortly. If you wish to add more information, just send an email to support@cybelesoft.com

Hi! I have a free license for ThinRDP Workstation. Can I use this key to register the new Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation?

Hi Kim,

The new web RDP client we offer requires a new serial key to be registered. You can get your free license for Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation here:


If you need any assistance, just give us a call to +1 (302) 892-9625

Have a great day!

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