Thinfinity® Workspace Live Demos

Securely deliver your Windows applications and desktops to any device with an HTML5 browser with Thinfinity Workspace and Thinfinity Workspace  Standard (formerly Remote Desktop). Give access to ALL your apps, desktops, and files on any device with Thinfinity Workspace.

Thinfinity® Workspace replaces the traditional RDP client by providing browser-based access to your RDP desktops and applications. It can also be configured to publish any application online as a RemoteApp.

The published Windows application will be available to any device with a modern HTML5 browser, PC, MAC, Chromebooks, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc.

On our live demo website (, you’ll be able to access a virtual desktop and different applications published as RemoteApps. Feel free to use any web browser of your preference.

Go ahead and try our high-performance online RDP client:

Live Demo Workspace 7.0