TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack has been created for maximum simplicity in handling data between legacy-systems and your Microsoft® Windows application.

With TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack you can access mainframe screens through a set of properties, methods and events, allowing easy integration with programming languages like Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Delphi, etc.

The architecture can be separated into three (3) key areas, classified by their functionality:

Mainframe Access Controls communicate with mainframe systems, and expose a set of properties, methods and events to handle the data interchange. The TNB3270 and TNB5250 controls fall into this category.

The Emulation Layer is made up of four (4) terminal emulation controls. These controls – Emulation Screen, Emulation Status Bar, Keyboard Handling, Macro Sequences and Profiles – implement the main features for a terminal emulator program.

Emulation Screen: TNBEmulator Component

Implements an emulation panel that shows the host data and accepts input data that is sent to the mainframe. The displayed data is formatted according to the data stream format (3270 or 5250).

Emulation Status Bar: TNBStatusBar Component

Implements an emulation status bar. It works together with the TNBEmulator.

Keyboard Handling: AidHook Component

Processes keyboard events and maps them to Emulation Function Keys and Attention Identifier Keys. The Emulation Function Keys are processed locally to manage the emulator behavior for input data (i.e. tab, cursor movement keys, Home key, etc.). The Attention Identifier Keys initiate the transmission of data, along with the proper Attention Identifier Code (i.e. enter, PF01, Clear, etc.).

Macro Sequences: Macro Component

Implements the recording and playing of mainframe navigation sequences.

Hotspots: HotSpots Component

Based on Regular Expressions, the HotSpots component is used to control mainframe applications with the mouse. Includes full customization for screen recognition areas and appearance, etc.

Synchronization: Sync Component

Provide a simplified interface for handling telnet components in synchronous mode.

XMLBroker Component

Implements the XML interface in the TN3270 and TN5250 components.

XMLClient Component

Implements the XML interface to the Emulation layer.

Macro Sequences: Macro Component

Implements the recording and playing of mainframe navigation sequences.

XMLTemplate Class

Implements the run-time side of the XML Templates technology, for producing custom XML content.

XMLVirtual Component

Implements a simulated Tn3270/5250 component by using screens saved as XML files.

Trace: TnbTrace Component

Implements an application-side trace service for use with TN BRIDGE Development Lab. Generates trace information to allow real-time monitoring of communication events, mainframe screens, and method calls.

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