For citizens and businesses who require access to local government services, TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack gathers the related data, which is stored on various hosts. It allows web access and ensures that transaction applications are developed reliably and securely. It does this by using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP messages are independent of any operating system or protocol and may be processed using a variety of Internet protocols like SMTP, MIME, and HTTP. The government’s open integration capability allows it to deploy new services more rapidly.

Replacing different applications and custom-built interfaces with one standard TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack connects all independent applications and numerous applications interfaces. It improves efficiency, reliability, and decreases operating costs.

TN BRIDGE is ideal for introducing a paperless documentation system within a hospital to improve workflow, increase efficiency and balance costs with the business value. Using the TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack’s .NET capabilities with XML generation enables documents to be written once and read anywhere. System integrators and developers alike have the possibility to create appropriate web services in their preferred development environment.

For institutions wanting to improve customer satisfaction, increase the customer base and sell more services, TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack provides access to applications that can connect to several hosts and integrate data, aggregating customer information. By enhancing, and not replacing their existing technology, businesses can reduce IT costs.

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