Development Lab

Research, tracking and testing environment that helps reduce the time required for planning, design, development, and QA.

Develop your PC-mainframe applications

  • In planning/design time, because you will understand the screen/events sequences produced by your host application. Then you can plan and test your navigation strategy through the host screens.
  • During development time, using the remote tracking functionality where you can connect to your TN BRIDGE-based development, even running it on another computer. You can also work in interactive mode to create code snippets for pasting them into your application.
  • To keep your deployed application error-free. You can use Development Lab to connect and track a running application even from a remote workstation. You can also save the trace information to a local file for external analysis.
Cybele developer

Development Lab offers:

  • Three Lab modes: Interactive, Online trace, and Offline Trace.
  • Integrated terminal emulator.
  • Integrated scripting engine, for access, and testing of TN BRIDGE’s components.
  • Real-time monitoring of communication events, TN BRIDGE’s method calls and host-data interchange over an integrated emulator, and scripting engine.
  • Real-time monitoring of remote TN BRIDGE-based applications through TCP/IP, in conjunction with the TN BRIDGE Trace Server Component.
  • Offline monitoring by analyzing pre-saved tracing files.
  • Built-in screen-field inspector.

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