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Deploy Thinfinity VirtualUI on a Large Scale Environment

Thinfinity VirtualUI is a remoting solution that allows desktop applications, to be accessed from the Web with any standard Browser. It allows you to turn your Windows desktop application into an HTML5-enabled web application, extending the accessibility to almost any device.

The best part is that it takes virtually no time to see your software running within a browser window, and guess what: this is fully scalable!

Deploy Large scale environments with Thinfinity VirtualUI

This article reunites 4 other posts with instructions about how to deploy Thinfinity VirtualUI on a large scale environment.

The whole task is not complicated, but we wanted to illustrate step by step all the instances to give our users a proper guide to accomplish the process.

NOTE: If you’re just starting your trial and you do not have a Thinfinity VirtualUI license yet, contact us so we can give you one.

Have any questions? Fill the contact form here or write us an email to support@cybelesoft.com or leave a message on this same post.

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