Support for additional authentication methods

Support for additional authentication methods:

Support for additional authentication methods

DUO 2FA/ SAML/ Okta OAuth 2.0/ Forgerock OAuth 2.0

Increase the security of your project by adding Two Factor or multi-factor authentication with any of the most popular providers on the market.

Native Printing Redirection

Native printing redirection

POS Printing / Ticket Printing / Label Printing

Our new printer agent allows direct printing from the application. This new feature is ideal for POS and ERP systems that works with Label and ticket printers.

Native printing redirection
Supports 3rd party apps icon

Support for 3rd Party Applications

Now you can keep all your integrations with 3rd party applications like the Office suite, SAP, and More. There is no need to have access to the source code of the application. Thinfinity VirtualUI will allow you to stream and edit any content on an HTML5 browser.



Authenticate your users with Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.
Thinfinity VirtualUI 3.0 comes with a Built-in TOTP/HOTP server that allows your users to validate their identity online and offline. 

Session sharing icon

Licensing Server (High Availability)

Pool all your licenses on a single server and create VMs on-demand, worldwide deployments and avoid single points of failure by having redundancy or failover components on each layer of the architecture. These new architecture possibilities are optimized for cloud and enterprise deployment. 

Profile rest API icon

Profile Automation API

Use our New profiles API to automate all the settings available on the Thinfinity VirtualUI manager. Create automatic deployments, add users programmatically, authentication methods, and more. 

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